Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

Taking a step back in history, whether it is a decade, century, or millennia, jewelry has a constant presence. Men and women alike love to adorn themselves with the organic beauty of precious metals, the colorful array of natural gemstones and of course, the forever prestigious, prize of mother nature…the diamond!
When looking at decades gone by even non-jewelry lovers can spot trends. For instance, the lavish Art Nouveau period with its peaceful fluid curves, the roaring Art Deco period with its geometric clean lines, the post War World II Retro period with its bold gold look, followed by the Mid-Century minimal, simplistic period and leading up to today. Today we are seeing trends returning. Almost like a longing for times gone by. What are we seeking and why?


During the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods exquisite pieces were crafted from the hands of master jewelers. The more intricate the design the more sought after the piece. Jewelry had an emotional connection to both the craftsman and the wearer. Expressing oneself was the key. World War II brought on many changes to our country and jewelry also morphed with the changes. In contrast to the dire time, retro jewelry became bolder and bigger. Gold jewelry was back as not only an accessory but as a valuable. To make jewelry affordable advances in science made it possible to create synthetic colored stones to rival the real ones. Once peacetime came, another change came about for jewelry, almost as if it wanted to distance itself from the troubled wartime memories. Retro jewelry was out and more understated, simplistic styles came to be. During this Mid-Century time gold took a backseat to noble Platinum. You also saw the “illusion” head setting in engagement rings to offer a large look for a smaller price. Then of course, the not so desired chunky, statement pieces came full circle back into the spotlight. Gold jewelry was all the rage once again. Long chains, textured jewelry, animal brooches were seen in fashion. Diamonds and gemstones took a hiatus to only nighttime wear. Semi-precious stones such as turquoise and coral became in demand. Then gold jewelry became quiet and sterling silver took a lead role. Sterling silver and white gold were seen from coast to coast. Yellow gold was seen as old school and out dated. Then we come to today. Today is a beautiful melting pot of jewelry from all the decades. Individual style is encouraged and yet there is not a specific trend that sticks out for this decade. You see celebrities wearing huge gold accessories and you see new designers experimenting with the clean lines of the Art Deco era. And of course, turquoise is a staple that every girl wants in her jewelry wardrobe!


This glance over jewelry history leads us to our original question. Why estate jewelry?


Our perspective is that jewelry tells a story. It always has. Artists created pieces back then to reflect emotions and to tell their story, the country’s story, or a hopeful story of a possible future. The key is that an artist made it. Creative hands molded a piece to carry on a story. Each piece of jewelry in our store carries on its own individual account of history. When you look at one of our engagement rings, it has memories of past love stories yet it also wants to carry on to another legendary love story. The romance, hardship, and experience of each generation can be seen in jewelry, as if jewelry itself is the lamppost walking all of us through time. Today you can choose what style you want to portray. Look at your jewelry as an extension of yourself, your state of mind, and your emotions. Date night can take on the romance of the Art Deco period just with a pair of earrings. A big interview can take on the courage of the Retro period with a bold bracelet. An engagement ring can take on the timeless, simplicity of the Mid-century era with a classic solitaire. Estate jewelry has survived the test of time to tell its story…our goal is to keep on preserving it for generations to come!


Art Deco Earrings From Our Etsy Store

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Chunky Retro Bracelet From Our Etsy Store

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Mid Century Ring From Our Etsy Store

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