My Summertime Jewelry Essentials:

1) Diamond Stud Earrings

I cannot preach this enough! Diamond Studs with screw backs are the perfect travel companion. You can sleep in them, wear them to the beach, they glisten beautifully at night, and their sparkle will go with every outfit. The beauty of the screw backs is that once they are on you can be care free knowing that those babies will not come off. Also, when you’re on the beach with your hair blowing wildly in the breeze, diamond studs will not get tangled up like long dangle earrings.


Diamond Stud Screw Back Earrings in Our Etsy Store  Click Here to View Listing

2) Sea Shell Pendant

I will live the whole summer happily wearing my sea shell pendant. This little pendant can be worn alone on a simple gold chain with all of your summer attire or it can even be layered with longer necklaces or a real shell strand for a “beach bum” boho look. Don’t leave town without it!


Gold Sea Shell Pendant in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing
3) Gold Sea Shell Bracelet
This is another favorite of mine! This gold bracelet will dress up your night time cruise dinner or your hot date night out at the roof top bar in Clearwater Beach. Also, the luxurious yellow gold really stands out and compliments tan skin.


Gold Shell Tennis Bracelet in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing
4) Blue Gemstone Ring
Sapphire, blue topaz or turquoise is what I am thinking. Any color of blue that the ocean has is a summer essential in your jewelry wardrobe. The color blue symbolizes tranquility, peace, coolness and serenity. Yes please, I need all of that on my summer vacay.


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5) Ankle Bracelets
Also known as anklets, ankle bracelets have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Whether it is an organic shell anklet, cord anklet or a stunning gold one, this is a must have for sure. With shorts or with dresses, you will love the attention that your beautiful tan legs get with a little “ankle candy.” Don’t forget your toe ring too if you are feeling extra sassy.


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These are my summer must haves for jewelry. Easy to wear, low maintenance, and ready for a long summer day. Also don’t forget your sunscreen and free spirit!
Sending sunny coastal happiness to you from Florida,
Oaks Boutique


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