Emeralds are one of the most widely recognized and coveted gemstones in the jewelry industry. They are well known for not only being May’s birthstone, but also for the vibrancy in their green depths. The color “emerald green” instantly conjures up a certain hue of green that is very recognizable in the pigments of landscapes and watercolor paintings. It was noted by lithologist, St. Hildegard of Bingen, that “all the green of nature is concentrated within the emerald.”


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Even if you are not a huge outdoor enthusiast, you can appreciate that emerald has a soul of the spring season, a heart of renewal and growth, and a look of pure romance. The color green also denotes balance and harmony. Maybe that is why so many royals and Hollywood stars have sought after emeralds for decades. Emeralds are the epitome of elegance and are in a league of their own in the gemstone world. Did you know that the emerald is one of only four gemstones ranked as “precious”? Among emerald is diamond, sapphire, and ruby; what a great group to be associated with.


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Keep in mind that most emeralds are marked by internal inclusions that almost look to be tiny trees or gardens inside their core. These internal “gardens” are actually the presence of surface breaking fissures, so emeralds are typically classified as pretty fragile. To me this only adds to their persona of grandeur and refinement. Be sure to take special care of your lovely emeralds by keeping them stored without hitting other pieces or being crushed by anything too heavy.


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Our Etsy store is having a special sale on our gorgeous array of emerald jewelry. You can take an additional 20% off our already -below retail- prices (use discount code: APPRECIATION20 at checkout). Get them while they are hot…and HOT they are! From spring 2016 fashion, interior design, and fine jewelry, emerald green is all the rage and is never out of style. If you are considering an emerald, keep in mind that green adds a happy splash of color to a black dress, a cool springtime element to a casual white tee, and an upscale sophisticated look to everyday! Wear them, adore them, flaunt them, they are Mother Nature’s beautiful gift to us to enjoy any season, rain or shine!


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If you have any questions about our pieces or our store, please do not hesitate to message us. Our friendly jewelry professionals would love to assist with any of your jewelry needs!


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