The Bachelorette ~ JoJo Jewelry & Styling Tips

Yes, I am the basic girl that gets my comfy pants on, big wine glass filled up, and tunes in to ABC on Monday nights to watch my girl JoJo seek out true love. I guess it could be that all the drama is made up by a mastermind producer, but I watch because I think JoJo is just effortlessly charming and beautiful. Effortless ~ that is definitely how I would describe her and her jewelry wardrobe styling. She is like those Instagram girls that just happen to have the right color nail polish on to match all the right accessories, have the right lighting to make their hair look like the sun was just shining down on them, have their makeup perfectly executed and all of that in one tiny photo for you to double tap. How do they do it? It’s all about the styling! Now you could just go out and purchase the exact jewelry that JoJo wore last Monday night or you can find your own pieces that speak to you and pull off the same kind of look. I encourage originality and individuality. Be you! I hope you can take a few helpful hints from this blog and hit the ground running in search of your own signature pieces to make others notice YOUR style!

1) The perfect statement earrings

First off, JoJo rarely wears her hair up. From a girl who also prefers to have my tresses “free to be breezy”, I am always searching for the earrings that can make a statement even amongst my long brunette hair (which may or may not have some JoJo inspired balayage highlights :o) When you see our lovely bachelorette wear a plunging neckline on rose ceremony night you also see a fabulous pair of plunging, long earrings to match. I absolutely love this look. The long dangle accentuates the neckline while elongating your neck and can still hold their own with your hair worn down. Check out a few of these types of earrings from our Etsy store…


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2) The bold ring

Ok, you only usually notice the bold ring when JoJo is holding the guys’ face while their kissing but still, I love the bold rings! If you’re like me and often talk with your hands you might as well give everyone something pretty to look at while your gesturing about. The bold ring comes in many shapes and styles. Pick one that has a color you love, a shape you like, or even one that tells a story.  Maybe it is your birthstone, a color that reminds you of your favorite season, or even a good luck charm that you always wear when you are up against a challenge. Check out a few of my favorites from our Etsy store…


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3) The lariat or long dainty necklace

The lariat is quickly becoming on the rise again because of its alluring style. JoJo’s stylist has put her in these designs often but also likes to layer other dainty necklaces for a very feminine look. Either way, bringing a touch of sparkle to your decollete is never a bad idea. Check out a few of these “dainties” that could be layered or worn alone…


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4) The eye-catching bracelet

Bracelets are also fun to play up your look any time day or night. JoJo has been spotted wearing an eye-catching bracelet in a hot tub, at a dinner, and dressed up. You can always say “yes” to bracelets. I personally like that her stylist just selects one large cuff or polished bracelet at a time. It showcases the bracelet while not overshadowing the rest of your jewelry or outfit. These are a few of our fabulous bracelets that could do just that for you…


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5) Multiple minimal rings on one hand

Gone are the days where you just wear one ring per hand. Style is so versatile now that you can pretty much go with whatever floats your boat. If you are a little concerned about looking too tacky try this tip from JoJo stylist: Wear one bold ring like I mentioned before and wear a tiny band on another finger. This adds a slight Bohemian feel while still being classy. These minimal bands would do the trick…


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Click Here to View Listing

I hope these tips will help you achieve that effortless look that we all love about JoJo. If you need any more styling tips, our friendly jewelry professionals are standing by to assist you. Keep on enjoying your Monday night guilty pleasure and here’s hoping that JoJo finds her true love!


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