Filigree & Lace

My whole life I have been a girly girl. I love lacy, filigree, dainty, Victorian type pretties. I blame some of it on my mom, but in a loving and thankful way. We would have tea parties in vintage tea cups with lace doily napkins. I would dress up in old flower girl dresses with all the lace and sparkles attached and prance around with my lace parasol. My mom instilled in me that these heirlooms were meant to be used and enjoyed. If I spilled something or used the napkin she would tell me that it was ok, these little “dainties” could handle it. To this day I’ll pull out my cup and saucers and have a tea party for no reason at all, just to make myself smile.




A few years ago when my husband and I visited France for our honeymoon, we visited a quaint little town famous for their lace marketplace. I came across this gentleman that made lace for a living. It was hard to capture the craft in action because his hands moved so fast. But you can get an idea of the intricate detail that went into creating such a tiny piece of lace trim.



Recently my love affair with lace has transferred over to filigree designs in jewelry. The feminine, soft, “lacy” motif is just what this girl loves! I am so thankful that vintage treasures are so sought after and popular during this day and age. It makes my quest for these types of beauties not so difficult. Also, these antique keepsakes were well made so you can enjoy them on a daily basis not just keep them locked up for only special occasions.  I have a few favorites here…



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Filigree 2.jpg

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Now if you are like me, a thirty-something professional, you can’t wear a full on lace dress like the southern belles at Cypress Gardens every day. However, here are a few day to day looks that are similar to what I gravitate to, just to keep my lace fix in check.


Lace Top.jpg

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Lace 2.jpg

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Thank you so much for reading, if you want to check out more lacy, filigree beauties check out our Pinterest board (Click Here)


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