Feeling Patriotic

Today, November 11th, I just have an overwhelming feeling of pride for my country. Not in the way you would automatically assume given the recent shocking election only a few days ago, but more so because of what this day stands for and has always stood for. Today is Veteran’s Day. Today is about the men and women who said, “when you go home tell them of us, we gave our today so they could enjoy a tomorrow”. A tomorrow that could be filled with hope. As fellow Americans, we may not have all gotten what we wanted a few days ago, but we can all respect the men and women who made it possible for us to even have an opinion. I am proud of my country’s colors. I respect our government. I am forever grateful for the veterans who served our beloved country.


So first I want to give a tribute to Veteran’s Day. Being a daughter of a veteran who also attended the military funeral for my father, I watched in awe of the folding of the flag before it was handed to my mom. The military has so much honor and meaning behind everything they do. I found this explanation of the flag folds and wanted to share…



Click Here to Read about the rest of the 13 folds….


On to a more light-hearted observation, I just love the look of red, white, and blue together. These three colors radiate tradition, strength, and just a complementary array of color tones. I find myself wearing these primary colors without even noticing it. This scarf is one that I wear all through the fall and winter, and for some reason I just always love the way it looks on me.



Click Here to purchase one.


Also, without even thinking I put on this shirt today! Loving it! Plaid everything for fall and winter!




Even in the gemstone world, red, white, and blue, are represented by precious gemstones. Red for ruby, blue for sapphire, and of course, white for diamond, these gems are among the most sought after in the whole world. Check out a few of these beauties…



Click Here to View the Listing for this ring.


Click Here to View the Listing for this ring.


Also, here are a few inspiring quotes for some of our country’s greats:




I hope you remember and take the time to thank a veteran today. Remember that it is because of them that you have the freedom to speak out when you are not happy, to post political views openly, to vote for your choice, and ultimately be able to live in the land of the free and home of the brave!



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