Christmas Traditions ~ Both Old and New

Over the years, my family has created many traditions and have adopted new ones along the way, to always make Christmas a special time with family. I want to share a few that are my personal ones and will add a few that I plan to start in the future as my family grows.

1) Christmas Sugar Cookies

I’m not sure what caused the ladies in my family to gravitate to just the sugar cookie but now it is forever ingrained in my mind that sugar cookies equals Christmas time. They are light and easy to decorate with icing or sprinkles. Plus the sugar cookie has a certain taste that just encourages me to eat more than one or two or six (am I the only one?). Here are a few recipes that I have tried that will not disappoint.

sugar-cookies     Colorful Christmas cookies on a plate

Click Here to see recipe





Click Here to see recipe 


2) Setting a Festive Table

My mom has many sets of china. She loves the seasons and always has a theme going through her house from her table wares to throw pillows. Our family always knew Christmas was coming when the fancy china came out. We would leave it perfect until our Christmas day feast and then we would feel like princes and princesses at a royal banquet when we got to finally use the glorious china. Here are a few pictures of her two tables this year.


3) Christmas Jewelry

The girls in our family always receive jewelry for Christmas. My family has always been in the business and it was a popular and very easy tradition to look forward to. My dad would sometimes drape a gold or pearl necklace in the tree to surprise my mom on Christmas morning. It was such a sweet moment when all the presents were opened and my dad would go up to the tree and say, “I think someone missed something”. Low and behold there was a delicate, pretty necklace next to the silver garland. Also, my favorite part of Christmas morning was getting to my stocking where all the little presents were. Usually wrapped up in a tiny box with a big curly bow would be a pair of earrings or a bracelet.

Click Here to View Listing for Necklace, Here for Earrings, and Here for Bracelet


4) Fun Breakfast Food

This is a new one. I just love these ideas for Christmas morning pancakes. What a surprise your kiddos will get when they not only get a yummy “after-present-opening” breakfast but one that is fun and festive too!

pancakes         pancakes-2

Click Here for Recipe of Reindeer Pancakes                                        

(Photo Credit for Snowman Pancakes :


5) Holiday Light Shows

I love hopping in the car, with some hot chocolate, Christmas music on the radio, and going to look at Christmas lights. Whether it be on a guided tour at a community event park or just in a nice neighborhood. I found this little checklist game that would be fun for adults and kids alike.


Click Here for Printable Version 


6) Hallmark Channel On 24/7

This just started within the last few years but I have become such a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies. Warning: they are cheesy and predictable but it’s nice to start a movie knowing that all will end well. Plus I just love all the winter settings. Here are a few of my recent favorites but I guarantee that most of them are just delightful!


Want more fun traditions? Head over to our Pinterest (click here) to check out more. I would love to hear about your family traditions too. Please feel free to comment, I would love to connect with you!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions ~ Both Old and New

  1. Hi Candy! Oh yes, the sugar cookies! Mama always makes them! You meant 6 dozen, right?? lol
    I do try to hold myself down to 1 dozen a day. 😉
    Jewelry is a great tradition!!
    And must have the light shows!!
    Thanks so much for the follow!


    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I love your blog! Yes, cookies are a year long tradition for me and cupcakes…but that’s another blog post. Haha! Thank you for the follow. Happy Friday (Lucky) the 13th!

      Liked by 1 person

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