Lucky Friday the 13th

This sixth day of the week or fifth day of the work week that is associated with the number 13 tends to get noticed. We look at our phone and acknowledge that it is Friday the 13th or we go to write the date and we hesitate for some reason. Just half way through my day today and I have already had several people comment on the date.


My grandmother was born on a Friday the 13th and she has always told me that it was lucky. I may be in the minority here but I don’t think about black cats, full moons, weird happenings, or even the cheesy scary movie named after today. I am a believer that good always overcomes evil. If you think about today in a scary dark way, you might get a self-proclaiming prophecy and something weird will happen. If you choose to think of it as a lucky day, you start to look for the good happenings instead.




So back to my premise of lucky 13, I started thinking about good luck charms. Being Irish with a little Native America mixed in, I am familiar with luck in general. I’ll start off with my own personal favorite, the four leaf clover. Now some folks get a little confused by the shamrock and the four leaf clover. They are not one and the same thing. Shamrock comes from a Gaelic work meaning “little clover” and a clover is a name assigned to many plant species that have three leaves. The shamrock is the symbol of the Irish heritage. The three leaf clover is said to stand for faith, hope, and love. When you happen to come upon a four leaf clover which is a mutation and very rare, the fourth leaf is for luck.


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Another one of my other favorite lucky charms is the horseshoe. The horseshoe has many reasons for being auspicious. The first is that a metalsmith would craft the horseshoe from iron. Iron is such a strong and durable metal that can withstand severe heat thus making it a metal of strength and endurance. The other tale is that if you find an old horseshoe it is even more lucky that having one made. A common debate is which way to hang it. Up or down? Up symbolizes your luck collecting. Down symbolizes pouring luck onto those passing underneath or into your life or household. So you can take your pick, I like my chances either way!


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Another popular charm that is worn by many and is said to have blessings are the Patron Saint charms. These are often worn by those with Catholic beliefs. I love the fact that different Saints are said to aid and bless different people whether it be your line of work, a cure for an ailment, or those seeking a certain type of blessing. If you want to see an extensive list, click here.


One last one thing that I will leave you with is the Italian horn. This symbol has become quite popular and you see it as a trendy necklace to be worn by more than just Italians. This iconic piece is also called a cornicello, cornetto, or simply corno. Nowadays is it made of gold or silver. It has been in use in Italy since ancient times and is said to ward off the evil eye and is most typically given to or worn by pregnant women or breast-feeding moms. So if you need a baby shower gift…


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I hope these fun mentions of lucky charms will keep you from being leery of Friday the 13th today and in the future. If you know of other good luck charms that I didn’t mention please let me know, I would love to hear from you.


Good luck and have a blessed day!


7 thoughts on “Lucky Friday the 13th

      1. Hi there Katrina~ We actually don’t have one in silver yet. If you like the gold one, I can offer you 20% off through our etsy store. Just use code COOLWINTER20 at checkout. It is a darling little piece. I actually have one on a charm bracelet. Thank you for reading! :o)

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  1. I was born on Friday 13th, and that one day at primary school my birthday fell on that exact date was a nightmare! Apparently I’m an unlucky baby😂


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