Why Women Wear Jewelry ~ According to My Husband

My hubby and I were at Panera Bread eating lunch the other day. It was one of those lazy days where I had not put on makeup and I was sporting my athleisure wear in preparation for the gym later. He noticed that I had taken the time to put in my gold hoop earrings and wondered why. Then I asked him why he thought women wore jewelry and some of the answers where both enlightening and funny.


“Women wear different jewelry with different outfits so they don’t get bored”

This is so true! Have you ever just worn a white tee shirt and instead of your plain chain necklace you add a long statement necklace? Instantly your outfit seems updated and trendy. Then you can mix up your little black dress with some dangle gemstone “pop of color” earrings instead of your signature studs. Jewelry is a way to mix up your look without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Plus if you mix different color schemes together you can transition a wintery outfit into spring no problem. See my little black dress idea:

Add bright colored accessories or a lace kimono to your LBD to transition it to/from different occasions and seasons.

Shop the dress here. Shop the gemstone earrings here. Shop the lace kimono here.


“Women wear jewelry to look put together”

Hence my need to put in my hoop earrings before leaving the house just to venture to get a casual lunch. Instantly I felt like I wasn’t a hot mess but a more put together casual mess. I mean how could these hoops not be a go to favorite for any day?!?

Shop the hoops here.

“Women wear jewelry for other women to notice”

Mmm…this one he had to explain. Because my feminine defense was like, “ummm, no, I wear it for myself!” But he clarified that there are some trends that men just don’t get like the choker necklace phase or even the long tassel necklaces. He said that most guys don’t care if you have the latest jewelry fashion on but as women we notice other women’s put- together- accessorized look and usually complement them on it. But let’s be honest, getting a complement just brightens your day no matter what.

Photo Credits: https://uoionline.com/collections/frontpage/products/sirensongnecklace-fushia and https://www.etsy.com/listing/385338328/suede-wrap-choker-necklace?pp=0


“Women wear jewelry that they value or that stands for something”

This is also true. I wear a tiny gold cross sometimes that is meaningful to me. I also love charm bracelets that tell a story. Lockets have always been a little decorative keepsake that leaves me curious as to its picture contents. Lately I have seen little bar necklaces that have children’s birthdays or couples’ anniversary dates. I myself sometimes wear a coin necklace that my dad gave my mom when she had me. These kinds of pieces are personal and beautiful.

Click here to shop the cross look. Click here to shop the charm bracelet. Click here to shop the personalized bar necklace.


“Most women just love sparkle!”

Well I can’t personally argue with that! My husband knows that my favorite color is sparkle. I am just drawn to anything that glimmers and glistens in the light of day.




I hope you enjoyed this little hubby quiz. Keep in mind that we all wear what we like for different reasons and we all have different perspectives as to why. Just enjoy your jewelry and know that all that glitters is fabulous! Happy Friday and thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Why Women Wear Jewelry ~ According to My Husband

  1. Here’s question for you – do you think attraction to jewelry is learned behavior or innate? For instance, I’ve always loved gemstones for their color and sparkle, but I rarely wear jewelry other than my wedding ring and studs in my ears that I rarely change.


    1. Maybe a little of both! Nature versus nurture debate maybe. Haha! I find myself drawn to gemstones because from an early age my father (being a jeweler/designer/collector) taught me about different gems. He would explain where they came from, the money & time it took to mine them, and their value based on certain characteristics. Excellent question! You might have given me a new blog topic to ponder. Thank you for the response and for reading! :o)


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