I want to start out today’s post by recognizing that the real reason for Memorial Day is to show gratitude to those who lost their lives to make us free. Yes, it is great to be off work, have a family BBQ, dress cute with patriotic colors, but all day on Memorial Day my heart is ever so thankful for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.


md 1.jpg


Most of us are going to enjoy the day with family and friends and I wanted to give you a Memorial Day Fun Guide to make the most of this wonderful holiday.


First off here is a Patriotic playlist for your iPod to get your party in the spirit of the holiday:



If you are going to have kids at your family picnic or BBQ here are a few educational activities to keep the little ones busy while you are cooking:



Click here for the printable download.

crossword puzzle.jpg

Click here for the printable download. 

To add an easy, fun, colorful centerpiece to your party, take a look at these:



I also have you covered if you need outfit inspiration. These two looks have you covered if you are in Florida where it is 98 degrees or celebrating in upstate NY where it might be a bit chilly. Check out the links to see photo credits and jewelry listings:


Click Here to View Ruby Jewelry

Lastly, I found a few themed food platters that could double as a tasty appetizer or a table centerpiece:



I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day with your family! Happy Friday to you as well!!!

Click here to see our Pinterest board where we got inspiration and photos. 


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