Putting interesting color palettes together has been a hobby of mine since I could stand tall enough to look into the display cases of my parents’ jewelry store. I love playing with colors and patterns to create an interesting and appealing design. Here are a few of my favorite complementing colors and I would love to hear yours too!


Coral & Navy

These two colors have been used together in some of my close friends’ weddings and pair so well together for summer and early fall.


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Turquoise & White

My ultimate favorite combination. I have been wearing turquoise since before turquoise was cool. When you put this happy color with white you instantly transform yourself to a summer goddess!


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Black/White & Green

Black and white will always go together like wine and Friday night but I like to mix in a splash of green. This combination looks great in both décor, accessories, and outfits.


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Blush Pink & Olive

Olive is one of my new favorite neutrals. I feel like the color looks stellar on a wide kaleidoscope of skin colors and virtually goes with any other color…hence it being a “neutral”. I particularly love the look of a delicate blush pink paired with olive green. The mix of feminine and outdoors makes it a tribute to Mother Nature in my mind.



Pink & Natural/Tan

Speaking of pink, another wonderful way to pair it is with true light toned neutrals like stone, tan, or khaki. This gives a light, crisp, summer or spring look.



Black/White Stripes & Yellow

I know this may sound bumble bee-ish but there is a reason natural paired these colors together. This combination is bright and bold and will forever be in style as long as the bumble bee keeps on buzzing!


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Florals & Stripes

This trend is relatively new. A lot of trendy boutiques are jumping on board with these juxtaposed prints. The results is a fun, whimsical pattern that is both girlie and aesthetically pleasing.


Chambray & Sparkle

I know that technically sparkle is not a color but to me sparkle is every color and my favorite color. Pairing a chambray shirt with sparkle gives the quintessential “shabby chic” vibe that I just adore.



For photo credits and to see other complementing color schemes that I came up with, check out our Pinterest board here.


Thank you for reading and Happy Friday!


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