Complementing Colors

Complementing Colors

Putting interesting color palettes together has been a hobby of mine since I could stand tall enough to look into the display cases of my parents’ jewelry store. I love playing with colors and patterns to create an interesting and appealing design. Here are a few of my favorite complementing colors and I would love to hear yours too!


Coral & Navy

These two colors have been used together in some of my close friends’ weddings and pair so well together for summer and early fall.


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Turquoise & White

My ultimate favorite combination. I have been wearing turquoise since before turquoise was cool. When you put this happy color with white you instantly transform yourself to a summer goddess!


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Black/White & Green

Black and white will always go together like wine and Friday night but I like to mix in a splash of green. This combination looks great in both décor, accessories, and outfits.


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Blush Pink & Olive

Olive is one of my new favorite neutrals. I feel like the color looks stellar on a wide kaleidoscope of skin colors and virtually goes with any other color…hence it being a “neutral”. I particularly love the look of a delicate blush pink paired with olive green. The mix of feminine and outdoors makes it a tribute to Mother Nature in my mind.



Pink & Natural/Tan

Speaking of pink, another wonderful way to pair it is with true light toned neutrals like stone, tan, or khaki. This gives a light, crisp, summer or spring look.



Black/White Stripes & Yellow

I know this may sound bumble bee-ish but there is a reason natural paired these colors together. This combination is bright and bold and will forever be in style as long as the bumble bee keeps on buzzing!


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Florals & Stripes

This trend is relatively new. A lot of trendy boutiques are jumping on board with these juxtaposed prints. The results is a fun, whimsical pattern that is both girlie and aesthetically pleasing.


Chambray & Sparkle

I know that technically sparkle is not a color but to me sparkle is every color and my favorite color. Pairing a chambray shirt with sparkle gives the quintessential “shabby chic” vibe that I just adore.



For photo credits and to see other complementing color schemes that I came up with, check out our Pinterest board here.


Thank you for reading and Happy Friday!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

This weekend is the day to celebrate our dads. Whether you are a mom purchasing a sweet token for your infant children to give to their father, giving to your grandfather, or on a budget… we have you covered with this gift giving guide. You can even shop directly from our blog to our favorite Etsy stores by clicking on the corresponding links provided with each gift. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads, granddads, and single moms out there and thank you for being your kids’ first hero!


Gifts Under $25

  • Personalized hammer for the handy dad (click here to shop)hammer.jpg
  • Personalized grill utensils for the chef dad (click here to shop)grill
  • Star Wars dad mug (click here to shop)star wars
  • Hand stamped fishing lure for the fisherman (click here to shop)fish
  • Custom money clip (click here to shop)money clip


Gifts For Grandfathers

  • Grandpa mug for the coffee loving papa (click here to shop)papa mug
  • Grandpa ice cream spoon for the sweet tooth grandpa (click here to shop)spoon
  • Antique pocket watch for the grandpa that loves collectibles (click here to shop)watch.jpg
  • Personalized golf balls for the new grandfather (click here to shop)golf balls


Unique Gifts for Dad

  • Personalized docking station for the organized dad (click here to shop)dock station
  • A sleek glass photo frame for a new dad’s office desk (click here to shop)dad framw.jpg
  • Homemade grilling sauces (click here to shop)sauces.jpg
  • Gold chain necklace for a lifelong keepsake (click here to shop)chain.jpg
  • Book folded to read “DAD” gift for the artsy dad (click here to shop)Art


Gifts to Single Moms

  • “Pulling double duty” t-shirt (click here to shop)mom 3.jpg
  • Cute mug for the caffeine fueled super mom (click here and here to shop)
  • Lovely jewelry with a heart to let your mom know that she is/will always be the first holder of your heart (click here to shop)

Memorial Gifts for Dad’s that have gone to heaven

  • Keepsake pendant (click here to shop)necklace
  • A memorial picture with your beloved dad’s or granddad’s actual handwriting (click here to shop)handwriting


First Time New Dad Gifts

  • Custom drawing of daddy and baby (click here to shop)drawing
  • Engrave-able ID bracelet with baby’s birthday/weight (click here to shop)bracelet
  • Papa bear gift box set (click here to shop)Papa Bear.jpg


Thank you so much for reading and supporting Etsy stores. Happy Father’s Day!



A start of Summer Trends…

A start of Summer Trends…

This week I bring to you some fun trendy accessories for summer that I have noticed and am slowly becoming obsessed with as well.


  • Anything mermaid!

You might be a mermaid if you love the beach. Always are trying to obtain the perfect salty, wavy, tousled hair look. Have a little bit of a colorful, gypsy soul. Love finding beauty in simple things, like the perfect shell on the beach. If this is you…here are some perfect accessories for your mermaid transition.

  • Beach Towel Blankets

These gorgeous towels can make any beach a paradise. Cozy and fun with plenty of room to layout, have a mini snack bar, and enjoy the whole day/evening at the beach.

  • Kimonos

These breezy, lightweight, wonders of the world are a new favorite to me. Kimonos can be worn over your bathing suit as a cover-up without being too hot or can be dressed up for a shopping venture or night out. All in all the perfect accessory for summer. Prints and solids and something for everyone!

  • Light-Colored Nails

Let’s face it, light colors make you appear tanner. Or so I have found. These fun light colors for summer will compliment you summer wardrobe and accentuate you glowing skin!

  • Layered Dainty Gold Necklaces

This is a trend that started last summer or the one before and I see it sticking around for a while. Delicate chains layered up together give a feminine, boho look that pairs well with any kind of style. The good thing about investing in gold is that they will not tarnish (or turn your skin green eeekk). Plus you will have them for summers to come and the salty air/beach waves will not hurt them.

  • A good DIY project

Now that the weather is so nice and we are all dying to be outside to make up for our winter vitamin C deficit. Check out a few of these fun and adorable DIY projects to do with a friend or solo.

  • Grill Out Recipes

Grilling out screams summer to me. You can extend your long summer day well into the evening by taking your dinner time outside on the porch. Let everyone enjoy some coconut water while you throw some healthy eats on the grill.

  • Fun Pool Floats

These summer necessities have been causing a lot of craze on social media ~ especially my Instagram feed. I need them all!

pool floats.jpg


As the summer goes on, I will be back to bring you some more trendy, fun ideas to make the most of summer 2017. I hope enjoyed this post and Happy Friday!!!


Photo Credits and more ideas found on our Pinterest board here. Shop gold necklaces here

June Fun Facts, Birthstone Info, and a “Start of Summer” Fun Manual

Happy first month of summer. Is it the school kid in me that even after 15 years I still get so excited for summer break? I don’t really take a “break” from anything and don’t really plan any fun vacations for this month but it still has an underlying feeling of FREEDOM! The days are longer, the flowers are blooming, and there seems to be more energy to do fun projects.


hello june


The month of June hosts Donut Day, Best Friends Day, Iced Tea Day, Flip Flop Day, Father’s Day, First Day of Summer, and Sunglasses Day. I don’t know about you but I can get excited to celebrate any and all of those days. Check out the list of other days to celebrate in June.




June’s birthstone is the pearl. What a gorgeous birthstone to complement your first start to a tan and your vibrant bright clothes.


“Who comes with summer to this earth

And owes to June her hour of birth,

A pearl should wear against her skin

Whose innocence many a heart shall win”



Legends and Traditions of Pearls:


– Wearing pearls on the day of your wedding promises marital bliss and blessing

– Ideal present for newborn babies and for 1st, 3rd, 12th, & 30th anniversaries

– Heidi Klum, Nicole Kidman, and Angelina Jolie share this birthstone

– The process of building a pearl can take up to 7 or 8 years

– The Latin word for pearl means “unique” – – every pearl is different

– Pearl is also an old fashioned feminine first name that may be making a come back


Here are some other Pearls facts straight from the authority of gems, GIA:




Pearls come in an array of gorgeous jewelry, here are a few of my new found favorites that complement a wide range of styles:


 Click Here to shop these pearl looks and others! 

If you are a blogger like me and are hitting a little writer’s block since the sunshine is beckoning you outside, here is a list of blog prompts that I found helpful.




And when hitting up your local farmer’s market, be sure to check out June’s seasonal delicious veggies and fruits.




Thank you for reading and check out our Pinterest board here for more June fun facts and actives.  Happy Friday!

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day Fun


I want to start out today’s post by recognizing that the real reason for Memorial Day is to show gratitude to those who lost their lives to make us free. Yes, it is great to be off work, have a family BBQ, dress cute with patriotic colors, but all day on Memorial Day my heart is ever so thankful for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.


md 1.jpg


Most of us are going to enjoy the day with family and friends and I wanted to give you a Memorial Day Fun Guide to make the most of this wonderful holiday.


First off here is a Patriotic playlist for your iPod to get your party in the spirit of the holiday:



If you are going to have kids at your family picnic or BBQ here are a few educational activities to keep the little ones busy while you are cooking:



Click here for the printable download.

crossword puzzle.jpg

Click here for the printable download. 

To add an easy, fun, colorful centerpiece to your party, take a look at these:



I also have you covered if you need outfit inspiration. These two looks have you covered if you are in Florida where it is 98 degrees or celebrating in upstate NY where it might be a bit chilly. Check out the links to see photo credits and jewelry listings:


Click Here to View Ruby Jewelry

Lastly, I found a few themed food platters that could double as a tasty appetizer or a table centerpiece:



I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day with your family! Happy Friday to you as well!!!

Click here to see our Pinterest board where we got inspiration and photos. 

A Collage of Beauty

A Collage of Beauty

Life is filled with beauty collages. I see collages of beauty in layered clothes, in bundled peonies, in a natural kaleidoscope of colorfully paired foods, and in a cluster of diamonds set in a ring to catch the light as it moves. This week I would like to share these with you. I hope it brightens your weekend. Where else or what else shows you a collage of beauty???






Click here to see photo credits, shop directly, and see the rest of our Pinterest ideas of beauty collages.

May Gemstone & Fun Facts

May Gemstone & Fun Facts


We are already into the second week of May. May is one of my favorite months packed with exciting events and holidays: The Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It kicks off the festivities of summer for me!


May babies are graced with one of Mother Nature’s most glorious gems. The emerald is one of the most popular gemstones and if the color/clarity is right, it can be more valuable than a diamond! The word “emerald” comes from the Persian name meaning “green gem” and is said that it was discovered by the Egyptians. Queen Cleopatra is also said to have loved her emerald gems the best and she wouldn’t be the only famous lady to have done so. Elizabeth Taylor was well known for her emeralds as well as Princess Diana and Angelina Jolie. Check out a few of these fabulous women donning their precious emeralds.



Emerald green has a very specific color that is being seen in even hair color today. The lush and rich tone of green can only be described as “emerald green.” Here is emerald green compared to other tones of green and I think all of us could probably pick out the famous color even if it wasn’t labeled.


green chart


Our Etsy store has some gorgeous emerald pieces if you are in the market for this glorious gem. It is often given as an anniversary gift and has even been used in engagement rings. Just keep in mind that emeralds are not as hard as diamonds (nothing really is) and they need to be worn with care.

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May Fun Facts:

~ The United Kingdom celebrates this month as National Smile Month

~ May Fourth is Star Wars Day “May the Fourth be with you”

~ May 2002 Spiderman was released and became the fastest movie ever to earn more than $100 million dollars in the box office

~ In May 1792 the New York Stock Exchange was formed

~ In May 2011 Oprah aired the final episode of her daytime show

~ No American president has ever died in the month of May, it is the only month with that distinction


Happy Spring and Happy Friday! Thank you for reading!

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